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noun, plural: thiosulfates

A salt comes from thiosulfuric acid that containsions that are essentials asreducing agents.


Thiosulfate is tetrahedral wherein the central sulfur is in oxidation state (6+) while terminal sulfur is in oxidation state (2−) and this salt might examined as a structural analog of the sulfate ion where one oxygen atom is replaced by a sulfur atom.

Thiosulfate occurs in nature and is formed by definitebiochemical processes. It will dechlorinate water and stop blanching in paper industry as well as in acidic conditions it causes rapidoxidization of metals and steel. It is also valuable in manufacturing leather goods and set coloring in textiles.

Some usage of thiosulfates includes in analytical applications, photography and agriculture wherein ammonium thiosulfate is used to combine with nitrogen fertilizers like urea. It is also a good complexing agent forsilver ion and ammonium salt as fixing agent used in photography where the thiosulfate ion serves as forager for unresponded solid silver bromide on uncovered film thus, avert more feedback with light.

Word Origin: thio =”sulfur” + sulfate= “salt”, “ester

IUPAC name: thiosulfate

Also called: thiosulphate (British)




thiosulfate ion(2−)


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thiosulfuric acid