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1. One placed to superintend others; an overseer; an inspector. Were 't not madness then, To make the fox surveyor of the fold? (Shak)

2. One who views and examines for the purpose of ascertaining the condition, quantity, or quality of anything; as, a surveyor of highways, ordnance, etc.

3. One who surveys or measures land; one who practices the art of surveying.

4. An officer who ascertains the contents of casks, and the quantity of liquors subject to duty; a gauger. In the united states, an officer whose duties include the various measures to be taken for ascertaining the quantity, condition, and value of merchandise brought into a port. Surveyor general. A principal surveyor; as, the surveyor general of the king's manors, or of woods and parks. An officer having charge of the survey of the public lands of a land district. Surveyor's compass. See Circumferentor. Surveyor's level. See Level.