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1. The act of suggesting; presentation of an idea.

2. That which is suggested; an intimation; an insinuation; a hint; a different proposal or mention; also, formerly, a secret incitement; temptation. Why do I yield to that suggestion? (Shak)

3. Charge; complaint; accusation. A false suggestion.

4. Information without oath; an entry of a material fact or circumstance on the record for the information of the court, at the death or insolvency of a party.

5. (Science: physiology) The act or power of originating or recalling ideas or relations, distinguished as original and relative; a term much used by Scottish metaphysicians from Hutcherson to thomas brown.

Synonym: hint, allusion, intimation, insinuation.

Suggestion, hint. A hint is the briefest or most indirect mode of calling one's attention to a subject. A suggestion is a putting of something before the mind for consideration, an indirect or guarded mode of presenting argument or advice. A hint is usually something slight or covert, and may by merely negative in its character. A suggestion is ordinarily intended to furnish us with some practical assistance or direction. He gave me a hint of my danger, and added some suggestions as to the means of avoiding it. Willing to wound, and yet afraid to strike, just hint a fault, and hesitate dislike. (pope) Arthur, whom they say is killed to-night On your suggestion. (Shak)

Origin: F. Suggestion, L. Suggestio.