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Subsegmental atelectasis

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noun, plural: + atelectases

A type of atelectasis, which involves a diminished lung volume, and caused by an obstruction of a subsegmental (small) bronchus resulting in collapsed areas of the lung.


The condition is manifested by a linear or horizontal opacity on a chest radiograph, and states of hypoventilation, pulmonary embolism, or lower respiratory tract infection.

Word origin: sub: L, comb. form repr. sub (prep.); akin to Gk hypó +segment: L segmentum, equiv. to sec(āre) to cut + -mentum; atelectasis: New Latin : Greek atelēs, incomplete (a-, not; see a-1 + telos, end; see telo-) + Greek ektasis, stretching out (from ekteinein, to stretch out : ek-, out; see ecto- + teinein, to stretch; see epitasis).

Synonym: platelike atelectasis, discoid atelectasis, linear atelectasis.