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A regulatoryprotein that is responsible in signal transduction, checkpoint control, nutrient sensing and apoptosis which distributed diffusely in the cytoplasm of epithelial cells.


Stratifin gene is mapped on chromosome 1p35 that obtained peptide sequence and abundantly present in tissues enriched stratified squamous keratinizingepithelium. It is highly expressed in differentiating epidermis that mediates cell cycle arrest. It also encourages fibroblasts level during the activation of c-fos and MAPK pathway by dermal fibroblast in concentration-dependent manner. It is composed of seven isoforms such as beta, gamma, epsilon, sigma, zeta, tau and eta.

Stratifin is involved in the interaction of epithelial cell marker E-cadherin with integrin alpha expressed in tumor infiltratinglymphocytes functions a significant role in effective tumor cell lyses. It also implicated in terminal differentiation and cell cycle. Failure of Stratifin expression results in defective G2/M phase checkpoint leading to epithelial and non-epithelial tumorigenesis.

Stratifin mutation causes a frameshift leading to a truncated protein at the C terminus showing a repeated hair loss, respiratory distress, skin defects, hyperplasticepidermis and failure of keratinocyte differentiation. It is strongly induced by gamma irradiation and DNA damaging agents mediated by p53 element located at about 1.8kb of its transcription starting location.

Gene name: SFN

Protein name: 14-3-3 protein sigma


Epithelial cell marker protein 1

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