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(Science: ornithology) Any one of several species of large wading birds of the family Ciconidae, having long legs and a long, pointed bill. They are found both in the old world and in America, and belong to Ciconia and several allied genera. The European white stork (Ciconia alba) is the best known. It commonly makes its nests on the top of a building, a chimney, a church spire, or a pillar. The black stork (C. Nigra) is native of asia, Africa, and Europe. Black-necked stork, the East indian jabiru. Hair-crested stork, the smaller adjutant of india (Leptoptilos Javanica). Giant stork, the adjutant. Marabou stork. See Marabou. Saddle-billed stork, the african jabiru. See Jabiru.

(Science: botany) Stork's bill, any plant of the genus pelargonium; so called in allusion to the beaklike prolongation of the axis of the receptacle of its flower. See Pelargonium.

Origin: AS. Storc; akin to G. Storch, OHG. Storah, Icel. Storkr, Dan. & Sw. Stork, and perhaps to Gr. A vulture.