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1. (Science: ornithology) Any passerine bird belonging to Sturnus and allied genera. The European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) is dark brown or greenish black, with a metallic gloss, and spotted with yellowish white. It is a sociable bird, and builds about houses, old towers, etc. Called also stare, and starred. The pied starling of india is Sternopastor contra.

2. (Science: zoology) A California fish; the rock trout.

3. A structure of piles driven round the piers of a bridge for protection and support; called also sterling. Rose-coloured starling.

Origin: OE. Sterlyng, a dim. Of OE. Stare, AS. Staer; akin to AS. Stearn, G. Star, staar, OHG. Stara, Icel. Starri, stari, Sw. Stare, Dan. Staer, L. Sturnus. Cf. Stare a starling.