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noun, plural: spermatocytes

A male gametocyte derived from a spermatogonium, and gives rise to haploid spermatids through meiosis.


The spermatocytes are found in the male gonads of sexually reproducing organisms. In humans, they are found in the seminiferous tubules of the testis. They carry out meiosis to produce spermatids, which in turn give rise to mature sperm cells.

The spermatocytes are of two forms: the primary and secondary. The primary spermatocytes carry out meiosis I giving rise to secondary spermatocytes. The secondary spermatocytes perform meiosis II giving rise to haploid spermatids.

The spermatocytes are the male counterpart of oocytes in female.

Compare: oocyte
See also: spermatidogenesis, meiosis