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Species Plantarum

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A book of plants that has been classified according to genera by Carolous Linnaeus published in 1753.


Species Plantarum, a book that listed all species of plants known at that time by Carolous Linnaeus and published in May 1, 1753 in two volumes. It was the first book of plants using binomial names and the starting point of naming plants in which names comprises of two parts, a single word of genus name and single specific epithet name. In these first edition there were 5,940 names of plants and Linnaeus estimated that there were 10,000 species of plants existed that time, yet nowadays more than 400,000 species of flowering plants alone has been listed.

The 2nd edition was published in 1763 and 3rd edition in 1764 and profound by Ludwig Wildenow in Berlin Botanical Garden when Carolous Linnaeus died in 1778.

Species Plantarum is selected as the starting point in nomenclature of most plants and fungi which is subsequently used as basis in naming animals in zoological nomenclature. Linnaeus sexual system is now recognized as an artificial system rather than those accurately signifies shared ancestry yet its minimalism made it easier to find the correct class based on simple counts of stigmas and stamen.

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