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1. A woman's under-garment; a shift; a chemise. In her smock, with head and foot all bare. (Chaucer)

2. A blouse; a smoock frock.

Origin: AS. Smoc; akin to OHG. Smocho, Icel. Smokkr, and from the root of AS. Smgan to creep, akin to G. Schmiegen to cling to, press close. MHG. Smiegen, Icel. Smjga to creep through, to put on a garment which has a hole to put the head through; cf. Lith. Smukti to glide. Cf. Smug, Smuggle.

Of or pertaining to a smock; resembling a smock; hence, of or pertaining to a woman. Smock mill, a windmill of which only the cap turns round to meet the wind, in distinction from a post mill, whose whole building turns on a post. Smock race, a race run by women for the prize of a smock.