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1. To allay; to quench; to extinguish; as, to slake thirst. And slake the heavenly fire. It could not slake mine ire nor ease my heart. (Shak)

2. To mix with water, so that a true chemical combination shall take place; to slack; as, to slake lime.

Origin: OE. Slaken to render slack, to slake, AS. Sleacian, fr. Sleac slack. See Slack, &.

1. To go out; to become extinct. His flame did slake.

2. To abate; to become less decided.

3. To slacken; to become relaxed. When the body's strongest sinews slake.

4. To become mixed with water, so that a true chemical combination takes place; as, the lime slakes. Slake trough, a trough containing water in which a blacksmith cools a forging or tool.