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1. (Science: anatomy) A tendon or tendonous tissue. See Tendon.

2. Muscle; nerve.

3. That which supplies strength or power. The portion and sinew of her fortune, her marriage dowry. (Shak) The bodies of men, munition, and money, may justly be called the sinews of war. (Sir W. Raleigh)

money alone is often called the sinews of war.

Origin: OE. Sinewe, senewe, AS. Sinu, seonu; akin to D. Zenuw, OHG. Senawa, G. Sehne, Icel. Sin, Sw. Sena, Dan. Sene; cf. Skr. Snava. A cord or band of inelastic tissue connecting a muscle with its bony attachment.Muscular strength.