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1. To make sick; to disease. Raise this strength, and sicken that to death. (prior)

2. To make qualmish; to nauseate; to disgust; as, to sicken the stomach.

3. To impair; to weaken.

Origin: Sickened; Sickening.

1. To become sick; to fall into disease. The judges that sat upon the jail, and those that attended, sickened upon it and died. (bacon)

2. To be filled to disgust; to be disgusted or nauseated; to be filled with abhorrence or aversion; to be surfeited or satiated. Mine eyes did sicken at the sight. (Shak)

3. To become disgusting or tedious. The toiling pleasure sickens into pain. (goldsmith)

4. To become weak; to decay; to languish. All pleasures sicken, and all glories sink. (pope)