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Coeliac ganglion

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noun, plural: coeliac ganglia

Either of the large prevertebral ganglia located on the superior portion of the abdominal aorta, close to where the celiac artery emerges from the aorta


The coeliac ganglion pertains to any of the two large clusters of nerve fibers located on the superior portion of the abdominal aorta, close to where the coeliac artery emerges from the aorta. Prevertebral ganglia are closely associated with the major ventral branches of the aorta. Hence, these ganglia are usually found near the origin of celiac artery (as celiac ganglion), and of the superior and inferior mesenteric arteries (as superior and inferior mesenteric ganglia, respectively). They contain neurons with postganglionic axons innervating the stomach, the gallbladder, the liver, the spleen, the small intestine, parts of colon, and the kidney.

These ganglia are part of the sympathetic subdivision of the autonomic nervous system. They are regarded as the largest ganglia in the autonomic nervous system. They are thin, crescent-shaped sensory root ganglia of the trigeminal nerve.


  • celiac ganglion


  • semilunar ganglion
  • solar ganglion
  • ganglia coeliaca
  • Vieussens' ganglion
  • Willis centrum nervosum

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