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Selenium-binding protein 1

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A protein involved on the transport of molecules in the Golgi apparatus and sensing of reactive xenobiotics in cytoplasm that is significant in tumor suppression of various cell types.


Selenium-binding protein 1 gene is mapped on chromosome 1q21.3 containing 12 exons with 472 amino acids span at about 56 kDa belongs to the selenium-binding protein family with multiple alternatively transcript variants isoforms. It has a significant role in proteasomal degradation pathway in a selenium dependent approach.

Selenium-binding protein 1 is predominantly expressed in colon, liver, lung, kidney, prostate and pancreas in which selenium is an important nutrient that demonstrates effective anti-carcinogenic properties wherein a lower level or deficiency of it causes certain neurologic diseases and various types of cancers like gastric and lung adenocarcinoma.

Selenium-binding protein 1 is an unusual member of selenium-binding protein implicated as tumor suppressor whose levels shows to be lower in cancers as compared to corresponding normal tissues thus, confers as a potential biomarker for cancer progression and prognosis as well as a marker in colonic cell differentiation.

Gene name: SELENBP1

Protein name: Selenium-binding protein 1








56 kDa selenium-binding protein

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