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1. One who labors hard and lives meanly; a mean fellow. A sorry scrub. We should go there in as proper a manner possible; nor altogether like the scrubs about us. (goldsmith)

2. Something small and mean.

3. A worn-out brush.

4. A thicket or jungle, often specified by the name of the prevailing plant; as, oak scrub, palmetto scrub, etc.

5. One of the commen live stock of a region of no particular breed or not of pure breed, especially. When inferior in size, etc.

(Science: zoology) Scrub bird, an Australian passerine bird of the family Atrichornithidae, as atrichia clamosa; called also brush bird.

(Science: botany) Scrub oak, an Australian singing bird of the genus Drymodes. Dense vegetation consisting of stunted trees or bushes.(of domestic animals) not selectively bred.An area where shrubs dominate the local environment.