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A written or printed scroll or sheet of paper; a document; especially, a formal list or inventory; a list or catalogue annexed to a larger document, as to a will, a lease, a statute, etc. 2. Timetable, especially. A list of times at which a conveyance is expected to arrive or leave. 3. Program, a list of items which will occur during an event, usu. With the expected time for each item. 4. Agenda.

Synonym: Catalogue, list, inventory. See List.

Origin: F. Cedule, formerly also spelt schedule, L. Schedula, dim. Of scheda, scida, a strip of papyrus bark, a leaf of paper; akin to (or perh. From) Gr. A tablet, leaf, and to L. Scindere to cleave, Gr. See Schism, and cf. Cedule.