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1. A bed or stratum of shellfish; scalp.

2. (Science: zoology) A scaup duck. See below.

(Science: zoology) Scaup duck, any one of several species of northern ducks of the genus Aythya, or Fuligula. The adult males are, in large part, black. The three North American species are: the greater scaup duck (Aythya marila, var. Nearctica),

Synonym: broadbill, bluebill, blackhead, flock duck, flocking fowl, and raft duck; the lesser scaup duck (A. Affinis),

Synonym: little bluebill, river broadbill, and shuffler; the tufted, or ring-necked, scaup duck (A. Collaris),

Synonym: black jack, ringneck, ringbill, ringbill shuffler, etc. The common European scaup, or mussel, duck (A.marila), closely resembles the American variety.

See: scalp a bed of oysters or mussels.