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(1) A single gene on the Y chromosome responsible for determining the sex of an animal, especially the placental mammals and marsupials.

(2) A gene that codes for testis-determining factor (or the SRY protein) in certain animals.


The SRY gene is crucial during the development of the embryo as it determines the sex of the embryo (in humans, its presence will cause the development of embryos into male). It is found in the chromosome band Yp11.3. It encodes for a transcription factor which belongs to the high mobility group-box family of DNA-binding proteins. Mutation in this gene may result in the occurrence of XY female as well as XX male syndrome.

Abbreviation: SRY gene

Variant: Y sex-determining region, sex determining region of Y

Synonym: testis-determining factor gene

See also: sex chromosome, SRY protein