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noun, plural: rostra

(1) A beak-like or snout-like projection, such as that of the crocodile or dolphin, or the beak of birds.
(2) The beak or sucking mouth parts, especially of hemiptera.
(3) The anterior or foremost extension of the carapace of crustaceans, e.g. the lobster and the prawn.

(botany) The rostellum.

(neurology) The region in the human brain continuous with the anterior end of the corpus callosum.

(surgery) A pair of forceps with beak-like form.

(chemistry) The pipe used to convey the distilling liquor into its receiver in the common alembic.

(general) A stage, pulpit or elevated platform for public speaking.


Word origin: Latin rōstrum, (beak).
Related forms: rostral (adjective)

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