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Retinol-binding protein 2

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A protein that is copious in small intestinal epithelium which happens to partake in theintracellular metabolism of vitamin A.


Retinol-binding protein 2 is a protein that has 4 exons span at 0.65kb which is interrupted by 3 introns with a summative length of 19.5kb mapped on chromosome 9 within 5.3 centimorgans of the phosphoglucomutase-3 loci. It is a member to a protein that holds eight known members wherein the first 2 exons displays significant homology to all other family to a portion of all trans-retinol binding domain.

Retinol-binding protein 2 supports the retinol metabolisms by assisting enzymatic reactions involved in retinol storage and utilization. It contributes in the metabolisms of vitamin A, a fat soluble vitamin essential for growth, differentiation and reproduction of epithelial tissues as well as in vision. It is also transform the supply of retinoic acid to the nuclei of endometrial cells for the period of menstrual cycle.

Retinol-binding protein 2 gene is renowned to encode rhodopsin, a visual pigment of photoreceptor with retinal rod mediates vision in dim light that absorbs maximally at 495nm and is consists of apoprotein linked to cis-retinal integral membrane located in the plasma anddisc membranes of the photoreceptor outer segment.

Gene name: RBP2

Protein name: Retinol-binding protein 2


Cellular retinol-binding protein II



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