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1. To recall; to summon again, as persons. The banished Bolingbroke repeals himself, And with uplifted arms is safe arrived. (Shak)

2. To recall, as a deed, will, law, or statute; to revoke; to rescind or abrogate by authority, as by act of the legislature; as, to repeal a law.

3. To suppress; to repel. Whence adam soon repealed The doubts that in his heart arose. (milton)

Synonym: To abolish, revoke, rescind, recall, annul, abrogate, cancel, reverse. See Abolish.

Origin: OF. Repeler to call back, F. Rappeler; pref. Re- re- _ OF. Apeler, F. Appeler, to call, L. Appellare. See Appeal, and. Cf. Repel.