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1. Having four equal sides, the opposite sides parallel, and four right angles; square. Figures, some round, some triangle, some quadrate. (Foxe)

2. Produced by multiplying a number by itself; square. Quadrate and cubical numbers.

3. Square; even; balanced; equal; exact. A quadrate, solid, wise man.

4. Squared; suited; correspondent. A generical description quadrate to both.

(Science: anatomy) Quadrate bone, a bone between the base of the lower jaw and the skull in most vertebrates below the mammals. In reptiles and birds it articulates the lower jaw with the skull; in mammals it is represented by the malleus or incus.

Origin: L. Quadratus squared, p. P. Of quadrare to make four-cornered, to make square, to square, to fit, suit, from quadrus square, quattuor four. See Quadrant, and cf. Quadrat, Quarry an arrow, Square.

1. (Science: geometry) A plane surface with four equal sides and four right angles; a square; hence, figuratively, anything having the outline of a square. At which command, the powers militant That stood for heaven, in mighty quadrate joined. (milton)

2. (Science: astronomy) An aspect of the heavenly bodies in which they are distant from each other 90 deg, or the quarter of a circle; quartile. See the note under Aspect.

3. (Science: anatomy) The quadrate bone.

Origin: L. Quadratum. See Quadrate.