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The scientific study of human or animal mind or behavior


Psychology is the science of human or animal mind or behavior. It is a branch of social science (i.e. the science that studies the society and human behavior in it). A professional in this field is referred to as a psychologist who may be counseling, practicing in clinical settings, working in school or industrial settings, or involved in therapeutic roles. In scientific research, psychologists may be doing studies on a wide range of topics on mental processes and behavior.

This field is concerned with exploring and understanding the role of mental functions (e.g. perception, cognition, attention, emotion, intelligence, phenomenology, motivation, brain functioning, and personality) in an individual, especially in the context of physiological and biological aspects underlying cognition and behavior.

Word origin: Latin psychologia, Ancient Greek psukhḗ (“soul”) + -logia (“study of”)

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  • psychological (adjective, of or pertaining to psychology)