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A protein involved in the actin dynamics and cell motility structures promoting actin polymerization upon cell stimulation through facilitating the actin monomers.


Profilin-2 gene is mapped on chromosome 3q25.1 containing 5 exons with 4 different transcript variants that interacts with ligands including synapsin, dynamin I, ROCKII and VCP. It can binds to other molecules like phosphatidyl inositol 4.5 biphosphate and proline rich domain thus, thought to operate at the junctions of different signaling pathways towards the actin cytoskeleton.

Profilin-2 is highly expressed in skeletal muscle, brain and kidney while low expression in placenta, heart,liver andlung which acts to increase the rate of nucleotide exchange on the actin monomer with ATP that enhances actin filament dynamics. Its existence with diverse biochemical properties in the cell permits better fine-tuning of signaling to the actin system.

Profilin-2 might involved in the regulation of synaptic vesicle trafficking that binds to various synaptic proteins likeaczonin a protein containing a proline-rich region and concentrated at active zones which binds more strongly to profilin-2. Other colleague of this protein inneuronal tissue is the protein isoforms encoded by the SMN gene that is responsible for spinalmuscular atrophy.

Gene name: PFN2

Protein name: Profilin-2


Profilin II



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