Petechial angiomas

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petechial angiomas

multiple lesions resembling petechiae but due to dilation of capillary walls; they are obliterated by pressure.

angioma serpiginosum, the presence of rings of red dots on the skin, especially in female children, which tend to widen peripherally, due to dilatation of superficial capillaries.

Synonym: essential telangiectasia, primary telangiectasia.

spider angioma, a telangiectatic arteriole in the skin with radiating capillary branches simulating the legs of a spider; characteristic, but not pathognomonic of, parenchymatous liver disease; also seen in pregnancy, often disappearing after delivery, and at times in normal persons.

Synonym: arterial spider, nevus arachnoideus, nevus araneus, spider haemangioma, spider mole, spider nevus, spider telangiectasia, spider, vascular spider.