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Peroxiredoxin 2

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A protein that is involved inredox regulation of the cell particularly in eliminatingperoxides produced during metabolisms.


Peroxiredoxin 2 gene mapped on chromosome 13q12 that acts as antioxidant enzymes drawn in protein and lipid defense against oxidative injury and cellular signaling pathways regulating apoptosis. It is a protein contains three patterns that extremely conserved including cysteine residues where the active site for oxidation. It is also a member of antioxidant enzymes that reduce hydrogen peroxide andalkyl hydroperoxides involved in cell protection and antiviral activity.

Peroxiredoxin 2 is found to be expressed in podocytes and decreased in glomeruli transgenic for angiotensin II type I receptors in which downregulation of this protein resulted in increased reactive oxygen release, protein overoxidation and inhibition of the Akt pathway in which both angiotensin II and downregulation of peroxiredoxin 2 lead to apoptosis of podocytes thus, peroxiredoxin 2 is a main modulator of angiotensin II-induce podocytes injury.

Peroxiredoxin 2 is involved in AT1R-mediated glomerular functions in which peroxidatic catalytic cysteine is highly susceptible to overoxidation of sulfonic acid resulting of excess oxidative status in podocytes which fallout in the loss of activity and its expression increased in the presence of chloroquine. This protein show a proliferative effect that may contributes in cancer development and progression.

Gene name: PRDX2

Protein name: Peroxiredoxin-2


Natural killer cell-enhancing factor B


Thiol-specific antioxidant protein

Thioredoxin peroxidase 1

Thioredoxin-dependent peroxide reductase 1

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