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Perineal pruritus

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A type of pruritus in the perineal area


Pruritus is a term used to refer to the itchy sensation of the affected skin area. It causes an urge to scratch or rub the area where itch is sensed. Perineal pruritus, therefore, is a pruritus in the perineal area. The perineal area pertains to the region between the anus and the vulva in females whereas in males it is the region between the anus and the scrotum. The perineal pruritus may be caused by different irritants such as exposure to an allergen, dermatologic conditions, certain systemic diseases, and infection. It can also be caused by certain medications. It has been observed after the administration of intravenous dexamethasone.1 It is also one of the signs of enterobiasis, which is the condition characterized by parasitic infestation of pinworms, apart from pruritus ani. The latter is different from perineal pruritus. Pruritus ani pertains to the itchy sensation at the anal region. Both the pruritus ani and the perineal pruritus are symptoms of enterobiasis. The itchy sensation is caused by the gravid pinworms that migrate from the bowel to these regions to lay eggs at night.


  • perineal itch

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1 Crandell, J.T. (2004). Perineal pruritus after the administration of iv dexamethasone. Can J Anesth 51: 398.