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1. To absolve from the consequences of a fault or the punishment of crime; to free from penalty; applied to the offender. In this thing the lord pardon thy servant. (2 kings v. 18) I pray you, pardon me; pray heartily, pardom me. (Shak)

2. To remit the penalty of; to suffer to pass without punishment; to forgive; applied to offenses. I pray thee, pardon my sin. (1 S. Xv. 25) Apollo, pardon My great profaneness 'gainst thine oracle (Shak)

3. To refrain from exacting as a penalty. I pardon thee thy life before thou ask it. (Shak)

4. To give leave (of departure) to. Even now about it! I will pardon you. (Shak) Pardon me, forgive me; excuse me; a phrase used also to express courteous denial or contradiction.

Synonym: To forgive, absolve, excuse, overlook, remit, asquit. See Excuse.

Origin: Either fr. Pardon, n, or from F. Pardonner, LL. Perdonare; L. Per through, thoroughly, perfectly _ donare to give, to present. See Par-, and Donation.