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1. A writing; a book. Printed publications usually having a format with no binding and no cover and having fewer than some set number of pages. They are often devoted to a single subject.

2. A small book consisting of a few sheets of printed paper, stitched together, often with a paper cover, but not bound; a short essay or written discussion, usually on a subject of current interest.

Origin: OE. Pamflet, pamfilet, paunflet, possibly fr. OF. Palme the palm of the hand, F. Paume (see Palm) _ OF. Fueillet a leaf, dim. Of fueil, m, F. Feuille, f, fr. L. Folium, pl. Folia, thus meaning, a leaf to be held in the hand; or perh. Through old French, fr. L. Pamphila, a female historian of the first century who wrote many epitomes; prob, however, fr. OF. Pamflette, the Old French name given to Pamphilus, a poem in Latin verse of the 12th century, pamphlets being named from the popularity of this poem.