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Oxysterol-Binding Protein

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A binding protein present mostly in eukaryotic cells involved in several cellular processes including intracellular lipid transport, lipid metabolism, membrane trafficking and cell signaling.


Oxysterol-Binding Protein gene is mapped on chromosome 11q12.1 implicated as a cholesterol-binding scaffolding protein coordinating the activity of 2 phosphatases to control the extracellular signal regulated kinase signaling pathway. It also needed for efficient mediation of aninsulin signal to the lipogenic hepatocytes machinery as well as typified by a conserved beta-barrel sterol binding fold differentiated from other sterol binding proteins by the presence of additional domains that target multiple organelle membranes.

Oxysterol-Binding Protein has the ability to bind 25 hydroxycholesterol and other oxysterols at high affinity. It acts as a sterol sensor that functions to integrate through regulation of CERT function with sphingomyelin metabolism as well as manage with the integral endoplasmic reticulum anchor protein VAP impacting to sphingomyelin in Golgi membranes. It is also significant as a sterol ligand-dependent gallows that regulates signaling events involved in the control of phosphorylation condition and movement of extracellular signal regulated kinases.

Oxysterol-Binding Protein is essential in nonvesicular intracellular transport of sterols in secretory vesicles from Golgi complex and the establishment of cell polarity. Overexpression of this protein resulted in impaired cholesterol efflux and increased size of atherosclerotic lesions in LDL-receptor wherein it controls the microtubule dependent positioning of late endocytic compartments and modulate vesicle transport in late endocytic pathway.

Gene name: OSBP

Protein name: Oxysterol-binding protein 1



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