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A protein located inside the nucleolus that is responsible for the transport of fluid between nucleus and cytoplasm involved in various cellular functions including protein formation, DNA replication and cell cycle.


Nucleophosmin gene is mapped on chromosome 5q35 involved in cellular processes like ribosomes biogenesis, centrosome duplication, histone assembly, protein chaperone, cell proliferation and regulation of tumor suppressors p53 and ARF. It acts as chaperone for the core histones and stimulates APEX1 endonuclease activity.

Nucleophosmin attached to protein ARF, a tumor suppressor protein involved in pathways that prevents cells from growing and dividing in an uncontrolled way. It is an oestrogen-regulated nucleolar protein drawn in various cancers like myelodysplastic syndromes, a disease typified by overproduction ofblood cells in the bone marrow.

Nucleophosmin mutations implicated in cytogenetically normal acutemyeloid leukemia, a blood cell cancer wherein large chromosomal abnormalities occurs during development in the region of the gene designated exon 12 which is present only in cells that turn out to be cancerous or is not inherited leading to the production of protein with an altered sequence of amino acids tryptophan at position 290 from a normal position 288 thereby, provides new signals for the protein to be moved out from the nucleus resulting of the Nucleophosmin out in the cytoplasm rather than inside the nucleolus.

Gene name: NPM1

Protein name: Nucleophosmin


Nucleolar phosphoprotein B23

Nucleolar protein NO38


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