Nucleolar protein 3

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A protein involved inRNA splicing and inhibits apoptosis to down regulate the enzyme activity.


Nucleolar protein 3 genes is mapped on chromosome 16q21-q23 that contains 4 exons and 3 introns spanning at about 1757 bp with two isoforms in which isoform 1 involved in RNA splicing and isoform 2 inhibitapoptosis. The level of this protein appeared to be regulated by proteasomal degradation in which expression is elevated in all cancer cell lines. It is mostly found in skeletal muscle and heart but not detected in brain, placenta, liver, kidney and lung.

Nucleolar protein 3 encodes an anti-apoptotic protein that has been shown to down regulate the enzyme activities of caspase 2, caspase 8 and protein p53. It is regulated by casein kinase II and phosphorylated at thr149 by CK2 which able to bind CASP8 when it is localized to mitochondria thereby reveals a method in which a caspase-inhibiting protein needs phosphorylation to prevent apoptosis.

Nucleolar protein 3 is linked with the autosomal dominant neurologic condition distinguished by adult onset of cortical myoclonus manifest as involuntary jerks affecting face and limbs wherein individual experienced falls without seizure activity.

Gene name: NOL3

Protein name: Nucleolar protein 3


Apoptosis repressor with CARD

Muscle-enriched cytoplasmic protein






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