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A member of laminin family that is responsible in cell migration and axon attraction for the survival to prevent initiation of apoptosis involved in tumorigenesis.


Netrin-1 encodes highly conserved 604 amino acids mapped on chromosome 17p12-13 that has a transcript presents in all normal adult tissues yet absent or reduced in brain tumor and neuroblastoma. It can draw spinal commissural axons and repel trochear axons which confer expression of selective advantage for tumor cell survival.

Netrin-1 is implicated as a receptor component in deleted colorectal cancer (DCC) and can be cross-linked to this protein on the cell surface but will not immunoprecipitate and bind to soluble protein in the absence of cross-linking to DCC, thus inactivation of DCC contributes to the birth of some cancers thereby binding of netrin-1 to DCC is dependent on co-receptor proteins.

Netrin-1 is widely expressed in normal adult tissues specifically in colon, liver, heart, small intestine and prostate that is diffusible protein made by floor plate cells. It is also located in the neuroepithelial cells at the ventral region of the spinal cord and nervous system including somatic mesoderm, pancreas and cardiac muscle. It can encourage intestinal tumor development by regulating cell survival wherein the receptor acts as conditional tumor suppressors.

Gene name: NTN1

Protein name: Netrin-1


Epididymis tissue protein Li 131P

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