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NADPH oxidase activator 1

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A superoxide-producing involved in the production of reactive oxygen species that participates in biological processes such as hormone biosynthesis, host defense, oxygen sensing and signal transduction.


NADPH oxidase activator 1 gene is mapped on chromosome 9q34.3 contains 476 amino acids with a molecular mass of 51kD expressed widely in pancreas, prostate, liver, kidney, spleen, colon and small intestine. It has 4 N-terminal tetratricopeptide repeat motifs and C-terminal SH3 domains.

NADPH oxidase activator 1 is abundantly expressed in colon epithelium and reveals similarity to phagocyte NADPH oxidase. It generates superoxide when co-expressed with p47 and p67 subunits but not when expressed by itself. Co-expression of NOX1 with two novel proteins led to stimulus-independent superoxide generation thus, superoxide-generating enzymes activated by two novel proteins.

NADPH oxidase activator 1 together with NADPH oxidase organizer 1 serves as a key regulatory subunits of NADPH oxidase which is expressed mainly in colon epithelial cells involved inmucosalinnate immunity as well as regulated in MAP kinase, protein kinase and protein kinase A.

Gene name: NOXA1

Protein name: NADPH oxidase activator 1


Antigen NY-CO-31

NCF2-like protein

P67phox-like factor


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