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noun, plural: myxospores

A vegetative spore that forms multicellularfruiting bodies which is expected to be accompanied through change in bacterial cell envelops that are capable of giving rise indirectly to a new individual.


A spore that is normally found in slimy molds bacteria.

Small single-celled reproductive bodies that is extremely defiant to desiccation and heat which are competent of growing new organism in spite of adverse environmental condition. A spore produced on any various fruiting bodies of myxomycetes.

Spores are haploid having only a single set of chromosomes and are produced by meiosis in the sporangium of a diploid sporophyte. In adverse conditions the spore can develop into a new individual using mitotic division through generating multicellular gametophyte which eventually goes on to produce gametes.

Word Origin: myxo= “mucus”, “slime” + spore= “seed”, “to sow

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