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Myelin basic protein

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A major element of myelin sheath of oligodendrocytes in central nervous system and Schwann cells in peripheral nervous system that plays an important role in the process of myelination of nerve cells.


Myelin basic protein is copious in hemopoietic system that encloses seven exons circulated over 32-34 kb which has been mapped to chromosome 18q22-23 that has been initially sequence in 1971. Malfunction of this gene expression is associated with central white matter that facilitates degeneration signs leading to auto-antigen in the disease of multiple sclerosis. It is also present in immune system andbone marrow.

Myelin basic protein is generally used to induce autoimmune encephalomyelitis and is exceptional in its high degree of post-transitional variations including multiple phosphorylation sites, methylation of arginine, deamination of glutamine and acetylation of alanine as well as deamination of arginine to produce citrulline.

Myelin basic protein in nervous system functions as an insulator to greatly boost the velocity of axonal impulse transmission, thus upholds the exact structure of myelin interacting in the myelin membrane. A deficient in myelin basic protein shows decrease amounts of central nervous system myelination resulted in progressive disorder typify by seizures, tremors and early death.

Gene name: MBP

Protein name: Myelin basic protein


Myelin A1 protein

Myelin membrane encephalitogenic protein

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