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Mitochondrial membrane proteins that is responsible in mitochondrial fusion for the maintenance and action of mitochondrial network to protect the organelle from permeability transition.


Mitofusin-2 is mapped to chromosome 1 that encodes 757 amino acids and enclose with an ATP/GTP-binding site pattern. It is expressed in several tissues and cell lines such as brain,heart andskeletal muscle. This protein contains an N-terminal GTPase domain and transmembrane C terminus domain which co-localizes with mitochondrial markers. In case of mutations in Mitofusin-2 highlight its significant role of mitochondrial function for both optic atrophies and peripheral neuropathies.

Mitofusin-2 is necessary in embryonic development and mediates outer membrane fusion in mitochondria to assist the active system of continuously fusion and fission which is important in upholding the veracity of mitochondria and aided in the exchange between DNA and mitochondria. The course of fusion occurs in three steps wherein the mitochondria align end to end followed by the two organelles outer membrane fuse each other and the last step is the inner membrane fuse with each other forming a larger mitochondrion.

Mitofusin-2 reveals deterioration in the Purkinje cells of the cerebellum and the inappropriately contained mitochondria in the dendrites. It is also associated in the MIRO-Milton complex.

Gene name: MFN2

Protein name: Mitofusin-2


Transmembrane GTPase MFN2

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