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1. To repair, as anything that is torn, broken, defaced, decayed, or the like; to restore from partial decay, injury, or defacement; to patch up; to put in shape or order again; to re-create; as, to mend a garment or a machine.

2. To alter for the better; to set right; to reform; hence, to quicken; as, to mend one's manners or pace. The best service they could do the state was to mend the lives of the persons who composed it. (Sir W. Temple)

3. To help, to advance, to further; to add to. Though in some lands the grass is but short, yet it mends garden herbs and fruit. (Mortimer) You mend the jewel by the wearing it. (Shak)

Synonym: To improve, help, better, emend, amend, correct, rectify, reform.

Origin: Abbrev. Fr. Amend. See Amend.