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1. A kind of sick or nevrous headache, usually periodical and confined to one side of the head.

2. A fancy; a whim; a freak; a humor; especially, in the plural, lowness of spirits. These are his megrims, firks, and melancholies. (Ford)

3. (Science: veterinary) A sudden vertigo in a horse, succeeded sometimes by unconsciousness, produced by an excess of blood in the brain; a mild form of apoplexy.

Origin: OE. Migrim, migrene, F. Migraine, LL. Hemigrania, L. Hemicrania, hemicranium, Gr.; - half _ skull. See Hemi- and Cranium, and cf. Hemicrania, Migraine.

(Science: zoology) The British smooth sole, or scaldfish (Psetta arnoglossa).

Origin: Etymol. Uncertain.