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A member of von Willebrand factor A involved in the formation of filamentous network within extracellular matrix and as endogenous neuronal molecule regulated in association with inflammatory axonal injury.


Matrilin-2 gene is mapped onchromosome 8q22 with 19 exons that contains 956 amino acids, 2 VWFA-like domains, 10EGF-type modules and oligomerization module where mostly expressed in fibroblastic or epithelial origin with two identified transcript variants isoforms differs from each other in a short region.

Matrilin-2 induced proinflammatory responses and reveals to express in lesion but not in normal appearing white matter as such it indicates as a deleterious endogenous neuro-axonal injury response signal that stimulates innate immune cells and contributes to premature axonal damage in central nervous system inflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Matrilin-2 is one of the members of matrilin family that acts as an oligomeric extracellular adaptor protein wherein outside the central nervous system it is a structural component of the extracellular matrix in varioustissues including skin that linked to various inflammation-associated diseases like cancers and fibrosis. Moreover in peripheral nerve crush injury it has a potential role in peripheral nervous system repair.

Gene name: MATN2

Protein name: Matrilin-2

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