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a comprehensive name for all of the pretended arts which claim to produce effects by the assistance of supernatural beings, or departed spirits, or by a mastery of secret forces in nature attained by a study of occult science, including enchantment, conjuration, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, incantation, etc. An appearance made by some magic. (Chaucer) Celestial magic, a supposed supernatural power which gave to spirits a kind of dominion over the planets, and to the planets an influence over men. Natural magic, the art of employing the powers of nature to produce effects apparently supernatural. Superstitious, or Geotic, magic, the invocation of devils or demons, involving the supposition of some tacit or express agreement between them and human beings.

Synonym: Sorcery, witchcraft, necromancy, conjuration, enchantment.

Origin: oe. Magique, L. Magice, gr. (sc), fr. See magic, and Magi.