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Lymphotoxin B Receptor

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A member of tumor necrosis factor receptor involved in the cell survival, embryonic development as well as organization of secondary lymphoid tissues.


Lymphotoxin B Receptor gene is mapped onchromosome 12p13 containing 12 exons which is prominent inthymic epithelial cells and lymph node dendritic cells that is responsible for the association of secondary lymphoid tissues as well asretinoic acid. It has multiple spliced transcript variants isoforms and expressed in various cell lines of monocytes lineage,fibroblast and melanoma cell lines.

Lymphotoxin B Receptor ligation recruits tumor necrosis factor receptor that initiates cell deaths of adenocarcinoma cells. It is significant in signaling during the development of lymphoid and other organs,lipid metabolism, immune response and programmed cell death.

Lymphotoxin B Receptor implicated in the prevention of diabetes through controlling the migration factors within the islets and disrupts organization of the tertiary structures. It is strongly expressed in liver, lung and kidney while moderate in testes andheart.

Gene name: LTBR

Protein name: Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 3


Lymphotoxin-beta receptor

Tumor necrosis factor C receptor

Tumor necrosis factor receptor 2-related protein

Tumor necrosis factor receptor type III

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