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1. Of or pertaining to the moon; as, lunar observations.

2. Resembling the moon; orbed.

3. Measured by the revolutions of the moon; as, a lunar month.

4. Influenced by the moon, as in growth, character, or properties; as, lunar herbs.

(Science: medicine) lunar caustic tables for correcting an observed lunar distance on account of refraction and parallax. Lunar year, the period of twelve lunar months, or 354 days, 8 hours, 48 minutes, and 34.38 seconds.

Origin: L. Lunaris, fr. Luna the moon. See luna, and cf. Lunary.

1. (Science: astronomy) a lunar distance.

2. (Science: anatomy) The middle bone of the proximal series of the carpus.

Synonym: semilunar, and intermedium.