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Lamin B2

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An intermediate filament protein comprises a lattice-like matrix that encodes B type nuclear lamins.


Lamin B2 is a protein coupled laminopathies that has been mapped to the G-negative subtelomeric band of chromosome 19 that contains 12 exons.

Lamin B2 is missing during the follicle center stage of B-cell differentiation where nuclear lamin is cleaved by caspase during apoptosis. The nuclear lamina consists of two-dimensional matrix of proteins situated next to the inner nuclear membrane.

Lamin B2 are components of the spindle matrix of mitotic cells and implicated in mitotic spindle assembly thus, type B lamins may contributes to the preservation of chromosome integrity, via proteomic approach identified lamin B2 as a novel protein involved inchromosomal instability. Its expression decreased in colorectal cancer displaying chromosomal instability compared with colorectal cancer cell line displaying microsatellite instability.

Lamin B2 is lower in cancer tissue with sporadic colorectal cancer than to thehereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer type. It is localizes outside the spindle poles thereby diminishing in chromosomal instability cancer cells signifying an important role in proper mitotic spindle formation.

Gene name: LMNB2

Protein name: Lamin-B2






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