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Lacrimal canaliculus

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noun, plural: lacrimal canaliculi

Any of the tiny channels in the eyelid that starts at the puncta lacrimalia


Lacrimation refers to the shedding or secretion of tears. Tears are the fluid that flow from or appear in the eyes, especially due to emotions or irritations. They are the watery secretion and produced by the lacrimal apparatus. The tears are slightly alkaline and saline. They may also be in the form of drops of limpid, saline fluid, normally in small amount. Tears diffuse between the eye and the eyelids. In humans, the lacrimal apparatus is comprised of the tear production system and the tear drainage system. The lacrimal glands are the paired glands that produce the aqueous part of the tear film. The lacrimal sac, nasolacrimal duct, and lacrimal canaliculi (singular: canaliculus) are the parts that carry out the tear drainage system of the lacrimal apparatus. The lacrimal sac serves as a reservoir when there is an excess production of tears. The nasolacrimal duct conducts tears into the nasal cavity. The lacrimal canaliculi (each, approximately 10 mm in length) are the ducts within the eyelid. They are curved tiny canals that begin at the lacrimal punctum (i.e. minute orifices on the papillae lacrimales).


  • lacrimal canal
  • lacrimal duct
  • canaliculus lacrimalis

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