Kallikrein 10

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A recently discovered serine protease member that is physiologically significant in ovarian and breast carcinogenesis.


Kallikrein 10 gene mapped on chromosome 19q13 that contains 6 exons of which the first is noncoding wherein it encodes serine protease that is widely expressed in ovary,breast and prostate which plays a significant role in suppression of tumorigenesis in breast and prostate cancers. It contains 12 conserved cysteines in its protease domain that is expected to form 6 disulfide bonds similar to other serine proteases.

Kallikrein 10 acts as a suppressor gene in breast and prostate cancer which is also implicated as potential novel biomarkers in various carcinogenesis and other diseases. It is also implicated in several enzymatic processes involved in the inhibition of cancer cell line development.

Kallikrein 10 concentration elevated during ovarian cancer progression thereby indicates that this protein serves as a new possibility in serological marker for ovarian cancer diagnosis and monitoring in which study reveals that ovarian cancer patients significantly elevated at about 56% serum concentration which is not observed in healthy individuals or in any other type of cancers.

Gene name: KLK10

Protein name: Kallikrein-10


Normal epithelial cell-specific 1

Protease serine-like 1



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