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Originally, one belonging to the tribe or kingdom of Judah; after the return from the Babylonish captivity, any member of the new state; a Hebrew; an Israelite. Jews frankincense, gum styrax, or benzoin.

(Science: botany) jews mallow, an annual herb (Corchorus olitorius) cultivated in Syria and egypt as a pot herb, and in india for its fibre. Jews pitch, asphaltum; bitumen. The wandering jew, an imaginary personage, who, for his cruelty to the Savior during his passion, is doomed to wander on the earth till Christ's second coming.

Origin: OF. Juis, pl, f. Juif, L. Judaeus, gr, fr. The country of the jews, Judea, fr. Heb. Yhdah Judah, son of Jacob. Cf. Judaic.