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Interferon regulatory factor-8

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A protein involved in the development and function of bone marrow myeloid lineage and as a negative regulatory in cells of immune system which is vital in the regulation of myeloid cell maturation.


Interferon regulatory factor 8 genes mapped on chromosome 16q24.1 containing 10 exons with conserved DNA binding domain in the N-terminus and deviating C-terminus that function as regulatory domain. It is vital transcription factor that regulates proinflammatory cytokine production as well as the growth on mononuclear phagocytes.

Interferon regulatory factor 8 is mostly expressed in lymphoid tissues. It differentiates into mature macrophages with phagocytic activity that coincides with specific target DNA binding action and modulates the growth promoting movement of oncoprotein for CML particularly the Bcr/Bcl. Overexpression of this protein will enhanced the caspase-3 precursor protein.

Interferon regulatory factor 8 gene mutations implicated in immunologic disorder typified by irregular peripheral blood myeloid phenotype with a noticeable loss of dendritic cells resulting in selective susceptibility to mycobacterial infections.

Gene name: IRF8

Protein name: Interferon regulatory factor 8






Interferon consensus sequence-binding protein

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