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1. The act of enjoining; the act of directing, commanding, or prohibiting.

2. That which is enjoined; an order; a mandate; a decree; a command; a precept; a direction. For still they knew,and ought to have still remembered, The high injunction,not to taste that fruit. (Milton) Necessary as the injunctions of lawful authority. (South)

3. A writ or process, granted by a court of equity, and, insome cases, under statutes, by a court of law,whereby a party is required to do or to refrain from doing certain acts, according to the exigency of the writ.

It is more generally used as a preventive than as a restorative process, although by no means confined to the former.

Origin: L. Injunctio, fr. Injungere, injunctum, to join into, to enjoin. See Enjoin.